Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Second Day of School

Today was filled with greeting the Middle and Upper School students as they walked from the Dillard Circle and up to the campus.  There were lots of vacation conversations, new shoes, dresses, shorts and exuberant high fives, smiles and hugs between students as they piled out of cars.

It was great having everyone back on campus.  We missed their energy, good humor and the zest they bring to our community each day.

I enjoyed greeting the students in their assemblies and then heading up to the Lower School to visit each class. It was hard to believe that the kids had grown so much over the summer and they, unlike our Middle Schoolers, seemed to enjoy the fact that someone noticed how big they'd gotten.

Meeting the new Lower School families is always fun. You can almost feel the anxiety in the air from our new kindergarten parents! But, it doesn't take long for smiles to appear as they feel comfortable with their child's new school. Sharing the stories of raising our own children usually brings a reassurance that we just might be able to come to value and enjoy their children as much as they do.

Tomorrow brings another half day of school as the students and teachers rebuild their stamina in preparation for a full day on Friday! I can't wait!

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